25 Kg sack

Calce Romana P.I. classified FL 3,5 according the Regulation EN 459-1:2010 is an hydraulic lime without cement, clinker
and any additives.
This product is ideal for injection mortars for the consolidation of old traditional masonry, core walls, vaults, arches with cracks, empty or missing parts of the old building mortars, etc…
It is obtained by the calcination of marly limestones very rich in silica and alumina in vertical furnaces in layers with a slow process and with temperatures around 1000°C. The result of this process is partially hydrated and afterthat milled with very reactive pozzolan.
The balanced action lime-pozzolan, even if slowly, ensures over time (especially with moisture) a gradual increase in mechanical resistance without creating sudden internal stresses, adapting structurally and chemically the the old buildings, offering in the meantime a high resistance to sulfate and salts attack in general (injections binders with high mechanical resistance after 28 days often do not join to the weakest parts of the wall making it just simple fillings).
CE marked product with certification no. 0925 CPR Ce b. n. 22/2016