25 Kg sack

Intonaco Betoncino BM5/M a ready to use mortar made of Natural H ydraulic L ime N HL 5 of our
production (certified according to EN 459-1), micronized pozzolana which gives it since the first months high mechanical
strength,carbonate and silica sands.
It is specially formulated for reinforced plaster on unrelated masonry needing structural reinforcement, as well as for
vaults strengthening, etc ... It is available the version for plastering continuous machines PFT G4 and the version for
manual application.
Although slowly, the balanced action pozzolana-lime ensures over time, especially in the presence of moisture, a
progressive increase of mechanical resistance without creating strong internal strain, adapting structurally and chemically
to the old buildings offering in the meantime a good resistance to the salts attack in general.