“Made in Romagna” lime
In the past century in Romagna, along the Marecchia river valley, numerous production  furnaces were built to make hydraulic lime.
The pebbles, carefully selected by expert “carters” (“carrettieri”), who knew at a glance the good ones  from the “grey crazy" ones, after reaching the furnaces, were conveyed together with a small quantity of coal into the ovens to be cooked.
The next steps were processing and grinding.
Since 1925, this art has been handed down from one generation to another, and the production of Hydraulic Lime has continued tenaciously. The types on offer have been extended and updated through the careful selection of raw materials and their delicate transformation.
At the centre of this success story today is a selection of Certified Hydraulic Limes which are particularly suitable and guaranteed for delicate and qualified restoration jobs involving monumental masonry works and housing units.
Brigliadori Fornace Calce: the "Made in Romagna” lime